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Shot Anthem Dartboard Surround - Warrior

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Bring Shot Warrior style to your dart lane, and help your walls survive stray steel tip darts with the impressive, professional one-piece Anthem Dartboard Surround. The injection-molded polymer ring fits securely over standard-sized dartboards and holds stray dart points securely. It's light and easy to install; slip it over your steel tip dartboard, and you're ready to go.

This all-in-one wall protector showcases stunning artwork by New Zealand designer Julie Paama-Pengally. Her 'Wahi Toro Tika' represents the spirit of competition and incorporates the four winds' nga hau e wha' – symbolizing our connection to those near and far through the comradeship of darts. 

 The Anthem non-reflective Dartboard Surround looks sensational, but it won't put you off your throw. If you're looking for something unique, or a beautiful bit of setup kit, it's a real conversation starter.

  • Protect your walls from stray darts
  • Prevent accidental damage to your darts- holds steel dart points firmly
  • Made from durable, high-density polymer for heavy use. Non-reflective surface. 
  • Fits securely over any standard-sized dartboard 
  • Light and ready to install-slips directly over your board

 All it needs is a Shot Warrior Outlaw Bristle Dartboard to level up your games room.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Terrible print

The print quality on the surround is all over the place and is hard to look at. Puts a strain on your eyes.

tim reynish

Fits well around the shot warrior board love it