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If you are looking for a dart shop in Auckland or anywhere else in New Zealand, we can help at Dart Shop Manukau. We offer a fantastic range of products for beginners and darts enthusiasts alike, with delivery anywhere in the country and affordable prices guaranteed. 

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High-Quality Darts for Sale New Zealand

The darts we have for sale can be delivered anywhere in New Zealand. Plus, we have options whatever your playing style. Check out the range below.

Steel-Tip & Soft-Tip Darts

Steel tip darts have steel points, so they are suitable for use on bristle dartboards. Soft-tip darts have plastic tips so are most commonly used on electronic or plastic dartboards. Browse our range now.


The stems we have available include:

Polycarbonate or nylon – an inexpensive option that is suitable for all players.

Aluminium – these are stronger, more durable, and more rigid than plastic darts, however they can be bent easily. Aluminium stems rarely break, but they can come loose as a result of vibrations through standard use. To counteract this, use o-rings or Gomus to help keep the stem tight.

Carbon – this includes carbon fibre stems and carbon composite stems. Carbon stems are lighter than aluminium but are strong and durable. They don't loosen in the barrel either, but they can be more expensive.

Titanium – one of the most expensive options there are, but these stems are virtually unbreakable!

Composite – combination of titanium and carbon, or aluminium and plastic or plastic and carbon, giving you greater flexibility in finding the right set-up for your throw

Spinning – spinning stems don't alter your throw. Instead, they allow for tighter groupings of darts on the board as the stem lets the flight of a dart already in the board spin out of the way if it is hit by another dart. This prevents your flights from getting damaged and it helps reduce dart on flight deflections.

Dart Flights

Flights are an important component of a dart, so the option you choose will impact the trajectory of your dart to the dartboard. It can also impact the angle that you dart lands in the board. Generally, the small the flight the faster your dart will go to the board.

Buy Dart Supplies at Affordable Prices in NZ

Whatever you want to buy, we’ve got the darts, dartboards, and accessories you are looking for, with the best customer service and prices in NZ. Place your order today.