Steel Tip Darts

Elevate Your Game and Get New Steel Tip Darts Here

Whether you play for the social of it, or because you love being competitive, getting new steel tip darts from us will better your experience. We offer a wide range of options for all products to make sure every dart enthusiast has the right equipment to play. Dart Shop Manukau is the only dedicated retail store in NZ for darts, and luckily the only one you need.

Benefits of Choosing Our Services for Steel Tip Darts in New Zealand

Our shop represents a passion for darts, and more than anything we love sharing that passion with our clients. Here are some of the ways in which we do that if you need professional steel tip darts:

  • We will never expect you to buy darts based on what they look like. When you shop with us, you always have the option to try before you buy so that you can make 100% sure you walk out with the perfect set for you.
  • If you are new to darts, we will make knowledgeable suggestions to help you find the right starting set. We make our suggestions based on things such as the weight of the darts and your budget.
  • We do not just sell darts; we can fix them too. If you have an old set of darts with sentimental value, why not consider letting us fix them up for you? You get to use your favourite set for longer without worrying about quality.

Little Known Facts About the Game of Darts and Professional Steel Tip Darts

Darts has a long and illustrious history that all started more than 700 years ago. It’s an age-old favourite with numerous interesting facts, including the following:

  • Some believe that it all started as a post-fighting activity in the fourteenth century. Even though they did not use darts remotely similar to our steel tip darts in New Zealand, or even dartboards, the similar action of throwing arrowheads into wine barrels to demonstrate aiming skill could very well have set the foundation for the darts we know today.
  • Darts – having been considered a game of chance years ago – was considered illegal at a point and supposedly even caused the arrest of a pub owner in 1908, in Leeds.
  • The first dart boards were made from elm wood, but the accumulating holes soon became a common problem which led to people trying to find better board materials.

About Us and Our Services for Steel Tip Darts in New Zealand

We love the game of darts, and we love to be the place our clients can come to when they want affordable prices and a wide range of equipment from boards to darts. Whether you want professional steel tip darts or darts you can start out with, we can provide.

Polish your game and prepare the right way with our wide selection of dart products. The next time you want to fix old darts or get new ones, why not consider Dart Shop Manukau?

Contact and we’ll help you find the right darts for you.