Darts Stems

The Best Range of Darts Stems and Flights in NZ

History of Darts in NZ

We have quite a rich history in darts, and many enthusiasts all over that compete for the title of the New Zealand Open every year.

  • Origin. 1983 was not only the year that saw a New Zealander reach the Wimbledon finals for the second time or anti-nuclear protests… It was also the founding year of the New Zealand Open darts championship.
  • Achievement. New Zealand reached the quarterfinals of the World Cup of Darts in 2019 when Cody Harris and Haupai Puha beat South Africa at the Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg, Germany.
  • The Clubs New Zealand Darts Association and Dart Players of New Zealand keep the dart players in check with useful links to the rule book and tournament dates, should you wish to join a club near you.

We want to encourage everyone to experience the joys and competitive spirit of darts, whether as a sport or as a hobby you play with your kids.

Related Products We Offer to Darts Shafts

When you choose your dart shafts, you must select the right one for the weight of your barrel, so your centre of gravity is in the appropriate place for your preferred grip. See what darts shafts and other products we offer.

  • Dart kits. The best way to get started and get your foot in the tournament game is to think and play like a professional. Our Michael van Gerwen 84 accessory kit will be the perfect addition to your dart sets if you wish to play with the big boys.
  • Accessories. If it is related to darts – we have it. Stands, grip wax, sharpeners, cases and more.

The stem is the most critical part of a dart which is why we stock only the best including Harrows stems. You will also find Cosmo, L-Style, Shot, Target and Winmau stems among our quality range.