Darts Flights

Choosing Darts Flights to Customise Your Playing Gear

Have you ever stopped to think about how much an impact your darts flights have on their performance during a game? Sure, you might not be stepping up to the line at the World Darts Championship hoping to throw a solid 180, but that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy personalising your equipment. With custom flights, you not only have the opportunity to make your darts move and fly towards the board in the manner you prefer, but you can give your darts some unique flair, too. There's just one problem... where do you find all these products for a game that not everyone plays?

For New Zealand-based shoppers, the answer is Darts Shop NZ.

Learn more about why you should seriously consider swapping out your stock flights and what to know about the buying process.

What is the Purpose of Flights for Darts?

Are flights just for making your darts look cool? Not at all. You'll find there is quite a vigorous debate in the community of darts players as to what type of flights work best and which kind you should choose situationally. What is the real purpose of flights beyond the aesthetic improvement to your darts?

  • The flights you choose affect — no surprise! — the flight of your dart through the air. Think of them like the fletching on an arrow. They help to control the flow of air around the dart, governing how it moves in the air.
  • The basic rule is simple: smaller flights, faster dart. The lower amount of surface area means the dart can slice through the more quickly, making it more susceptible to small variations in your throwing angle. Larger flights create more drag and thus make the dart move more slowly towards the board.
  • Who should use which? It's all personal preference, but you might find that you prefer the accuracy of smaller flights as your skills increase.

When Buying Harrows Flights, Consider This

OK, the purpose is clear, so how about exploring the many brands we offer from around the world? Whether you're shopping for Harrows or Shot flights, there are a few things to keep in mind as you browse our selection.

  • Most flights by Harrows are "small standard" flights, meaning they're the regular size commonly found on darts. These are a good choice if you use a lob-style shot, rather than a direct throwing action.
  • Harrows produce a unique "Vortex" flight with a wedge cut out of the bottom, potentially allowing you to finally nail that bullseye during a critical spot — with plenty of practice, of course.
  • Don't miss the option to customise your flights. Most every product page has multiple colour options, so pick the one you like best. We've also provided as much information as possible to make the buying process hassle-free. For example, some flights only work with particular types of shafts — we'll warn you on the product page if a flight is shaft-restricted.

The Benefits of L-Style Flights from Dart Shop NZ

What are some of the advantages you can enjoy while shopping for products by L-Style, or other brands such as Robson flights, particularly when purchasing from our store? A few of the benefits you might find include:

  • L-Style produces many more flights with unique patterns and graphical designs, providing more aesthetic options at a greater range of sizes.
  • Many professional dart players prefer L-Style products due to their superior construction and excellent flight characteristics. Don't miss our (pro player dart flights). See if you can replicate a pro's performance.
  • L-Style uses a flexible nylon material to manufacture their flights, making them simpler to adjust before you let them fly. Their precision manufacturing achieves precise angles, ensuring that you can more easily duplicate your throws over and over again.