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Unicorn Eclipse HD2 Dartboard

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From Unicorn, the world-leading brand in darts, the Eclipse HD2 High Definition Professional Dartboard is the latest innovation in the already-successful line of HD boards. Featuring staple-free construction, the HD2 is engineered to maximise the playing area and increase scoring potential by reducing bounce-outs. The HD2 offers the finest grade "A" sisal creating a seamless playing surface for higher scores. The all-new Spider2 radial wiring system creates a total clean playing area and the new super thin bullseye increases the playing area by 14%. There is also a 2% increased area to the "25" ring. The new injection-moulded high definition numbers are highly-visible and replaceable with an invisible number ring. Experience the new standard of professional dartboards from Unicorn.


    • Championship quality bristle board
    • HD 20/20 White digital number ring
    • PDC endorsed
    • World Champions endorsements
    • Designed to maximise averages
    • Unicorn high technology wiring design
    • Completely staple-free construction
    • Ultra-slim segmentation system
    • 30% thinner than conventional round wire boards
    • Increased target area, especially in Doubles and Trebles
    • Ultra high visibility number ring and spider
    • Staple-free Bullseye

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