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Shot Pro Series - Mindaugas Barauskas - Steel-tip Darts

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The Shot team took the design cues from sponsored player Mindaugas Barauskas, who wanted professional darts with maximum grip, ultimate control and consistency. This darts set's triumph is that while looking aggressive, it's responsive and yet still feels very comfortable in hand.

This missile-shaped steel tip dart features a smooth tapered nose for reduced deflection and tight grouping. Precision axial cuts provide a solid reference point. This is ideal for players who like to create spin on their throw.

The design that follows comprises alternating ring grips with clever axial milling. The push point sits at the centre, but this dart barrel can also be thrown comfortably from the rear. This Pro Series dart design reaches our highest Shot grip level at 5/5; dart players who like to feel maximum traction on a barrel won't be disappointed.


Weight Length Diameter
25g 55mm 6.7mm
General Information
Darts Set of 3
Flights Pro Series 100 Micron Small Standard Flights
Shaft Tao Black Carbon Inbetween Shaft with Rings
Points Standard 35mm Black Point
Range Pro Series Range
Dart Specs
Material 90% Tungsten
Thread 2BA
Match Rated +/- 0.05 grams
Featured Grip Ring Grip with Axial Milling
Grip Level 5/5
Dart Appearance
Shape Missile
Balance Centre Weighted
Coating Black Titanium