If you are looking to buy a new dart board in NZ, check out our range of options at Dart Shop Manukau. We have dartboards suitable for all throwing styles as well as championship quality dartboards and training dartboards.

The dartboards that we sell come from leading brands in the industry including Winmau, Shot, and Unicorn. This means you can be sure of the manufacturing quality and durability of the board that you purchase.

You’ll also benefit from the expert knowledge, passion, and experience of our team. We live and breathe darts and have made it our mission to bring you the best products at the best prices.

We help beginners get into darts too, so if you are buying your first dartboard, get in touch today to speak to a member of our team.

As our name suggests, our shop is in Manukau, but we are a leading online retailer of dart boards in NZ, with delivery available anywhere in the country.

Browse our collection of dartboards now. If you need help or assistance, please call us on 09 263-6560.

Buy a Dart Board at a Competitive Price in NZ

Are you looking to buy your first dart board and are looking for a NZ retailer you can depend on? Are you replacing your existing dartboard, do you want a board for playing with friends, or are you buying a gift? Browse the range of dartboards that we have available today.

The range includes championship-standard dartboards as well as budget options. All the dartboards that we offer are classed as blade boards.

Types of Boards

  • As the name suggest, blades of wire seperate the segments of the dartboard. The blades are pushed into the dartboard and gives a clean edge. The blade dividers are designed to reduce the amount of dartboard they obscure, and can help reduce bounce-outs.
Diamond/Triangle Wire board
  • The Diamond/Triangle wire boards help deflect a dart into the board (depending on the angle that the dart hits it). These wires are stapled to the sisal and are at least 50% thicker that the blade construction, so there will be more bounce outs.
Round Wire Dartboards
  • This construction has been around for many years. The wires are stapled to the dartboard. Although the round wires are the thickest overall, these dartboards tend to be the cheapest.

    Training boards are available too. These are boards that have half size trebles, doubles and bullseyes. This will help improve your skills and make it easier for you to hit the high-scoring sections when you move back to a board with full-size bullseye, treble, and double sections.

    Order the dartboard of your choice today from our safe and secure online store. If you need help choosing, give us a call.

    Leading Brands, Affordable Prices

    At Dart Shop Manukau, we’re here to help you get started with darts or to take your game to the next level. Whether you play sociably or competitively, we’ve got the dartboards, darts, and accessories you need. Start shopping now.