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At Dart Shop NZ, we supply a full range of darts, dartboards, accessories, equipment, and supplies, with delivery available anywhere in New Zealand. You'll find the widest range, the best brands, and options whether you are a beginner, you play casually with friends, or you compete.

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Affordable Dart Equipment & Supplies New Zealand

We are committed at Dart Shop NZ to bring you quality darts supplies and equipment at affordable prices. Everything you need is right here, making us your one-stop online shop.


We sell points for steel tip and we offer a repointing service, just contact us via our contact form or on Facebook for more information. We stock Bulls, Mission, Shot, Harrows and Winmau points


You'll find stems made from a range of different materials to suit your budget and preferences. We also offer various design options as well as brands like Cosmo, Designa, L-Style, Mission, Shot, Target, and Winmau.


Finding the right flight for your throwing style is essential to improving your scores. We have moulded flights and standard foldable flights. We stock standard, small standard, kite, pear, rocket and astra shaped flights. The brands we stock include Condor, Cosmo, Harrows, L-Style, Mission, Robson, Ruthless, Shot, and Winmau.


Whether you want a professional level dartboard, a dartboard to suit your throwing style, or a training dartboard to improve your skills, you'll find what you are looking for in our range. Winmau, Unicorn, and Shot are some of the brands we stock.

Dartboard Accessories

The dartboard accessories you will find in our online store include oches, standard mats, T-mats, dartboard light surrounds, standard surrounds, and cabinets.


Keep your darts safe and secure in our stylish dart cases with options to suit all budgets.

Display Stands

The display stands we have available are stylish and can hold up to 12 darts with some options also able to hold flights and other dart accessories.

Flight & Stem Packs

Save money and get the ideal combination with our flight and stem packs from brands like Unicorn, Winmau, and MVG.

Flight Punches

Specially designed flight punches with precise punching functionality.

Grips and Waxes

Improve the feel and grip as you hold and throw your darts with our range of grips and waxes.

Other Dart Accessories

The range of products we offer also includes training aids, point cones; point cases, keyrings, flight holders, springs, rings, steel-tip points, and more.

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