Branded Dartboards

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Whether you take darts seriously or enjoy having your mates round for a little match in your shed, you should have the appropriate tools for the sport. Here at Dart Shop NZ we have a range of dartboards and if we don't have it in stock, send us a message on the contact form and we'll do our best to accomodate your needs. 

Tips to Consider Before You Buy a Dartboard 

You may assume that buying a dartboard is a simple process; however, with the options available, you’ll soon find yourself scratching your head about the ideal selection. Whether you’re using the dartboard as a hobby or you want to pursue it professionally, you’ll have to bear these factors in mind.


  • Selecting the material is a critical factor as it determines how long the board will last. It must be durable, so you need to identify if the board is quick-healing. Bristle boards are the most common type as it contains sisal, which is a fibre from the agave plant. Over time, the holes that your darts leave in the board closes resulting in a longer-lasting board.
  • The size of the board matters and affects your experience with the game. It’s advisable to acquire a board with a diameter of 47.08-centimetres, and when you hang the board, the bullseye must be exactly 1.73-metres from the ground with the throw line at 2.37-metres from the board.
  • Consider a dartboard with a removable number ring. The board last a long time and prevent uneven wear. When you remove the number ring, you can rotate the board and change the positioning of the numbers, which takes a few seconds.

Interesting Facts Regarding a Dartboard

The game of darts dates to over 700 years. These are a few facts that you probably never knew about this simple game.

    • While there are several versions of the origins of darts, one takes us back to 14th century England where soldiers played darts to keep busy at night. Instead of darts, they threw arrowheads into the bottom of an empty wine barrel. After they exhausted the wine barrels, they used the cross-sections of trees, and its cracks determined the points system.
  • The game was once illegal and in 1908, the crown arrested and charged the owner of a pub in Leeds, England for allowing his patrons to play the game in the pub. It was because people regarded it as a game of chance, however, at the trial, William Annakin - a darts player - demonstrated to the court that it was a game of skill when he stuck three darts into the 20-segment of the board. After that, the court clerk attempted the same but failed, and the judge dismissed the case making the game legal again.
  • The numbers aren’t random and are in strategic places to reward accuracy. If you bravely attempt a number but miss, the board punishes you. For this reason, you will find low numbers next to large ones.